Do you do debt collecting for companies only?
We do debt collecting for businesses and individuals.
Who are your clients?
Our clients include schools, doctors, medical practices, corporate banks, insurance companies retail companies, distribution warehouses and many other types of businesses.
Do you have a minimum amount that must be handed over?
We do not have a minimum amount. If a client owes as little as R100 we also take it on.
What will it cost me if I make use of your services?
We work on a percentage commission on all successful collections.
Do you also blacklist clients?
Our services include the draft of summons which may result in judgment against the client.
How long will it take for you to contact my debtors once it’s handed over to you?
Once you have completed and signed our agreement, our policy is to start working on your handed over accounts within 48 hours.
How will I get my money from you?
We pay over the funds we collected for you once a month, before or on the 7th of the new month, together with a status report on your debtors.
How do I become a client and make use of your services?
Complete the “Collection Agreement & Client form” (hyperlink) and fax of mail it to us. We then load you on our system and immediately you can start to hand over your debtors accounts.
How do I hand over my accounts?
You may mail the relevant invoices / statements to us together with the “Checklist for Debtor” form, and we will get working!

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