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Are you tired of excuses and avoidance tactics? Our innovative debt collection process will achieve excellent results to obtain a payment plan on a No Result No Cost basis.

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Legal Track can add great value to your debtors division. Our staff has years of experience in every type of debt collection and in successfully negotiating with debtors to repay their debts. We evaluate each debt individually and advise our clients accordingly.

Our excellent track record also includes the collection of bad debts that have already been written off.
Legal Track’s specialised collections and risk management is unique to the industry and supported by the very latest of modern technology.

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Debt Collection in the time of Covid-19

Debt collection at its best can be an awkward process. No more so than in the midst of a pandemic. In fact, this must rate as the most challenging time to ask people to cough up what they owe. And it has an unpleasant domino effect because while you might be reticent...

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When you are the Debtor

Sometimes, while you’re struggling to bring in the money owed to you, you can find yourself in a difficult spot with your own debts. The balancing act between pulling in debts and paying debts at the same time can be a difficult one to negotiate. If for instance,...

Saving your Business during Covid-19

Avoiding insolvency through better debtor management There is no doubt that Covid-19 has had a deeply negative impact on most businesses. For many there is difficulty in staying afloat. And when your debtors are struggling to pay, your business outlook can slip from...

Reduce your Debt: Covid-19 and unprecedented tough times

When facing the current financial situation, the ravages to the economy of Covid-19, and your own debt issues – reducing your debt is hardly the advice you want to hear just at this time. But possibly this is exactly the right time to take a long hard look at your...

Debtors Control: signs you need to outsource this function

Possibly the most difficult area of any business is getting customers to pay on time. Or pay up at all. There are always problem people who either assume that if they leave a debt long enough it will go away – or those who would pay but find themselves in awkward...

Uncollectible Debt: time, tax and tenacity

Sometimes debts become uncollectable and have to be written off by the creditor. There are many reasons for this, such as: debtor's bankruptcy, an inability to find the debtor, fraud on the part of the debtor, or lack of proper documentation to prove that debt exists....

How working with a Debt Collection Agency affects your credit rating

 When you don’t pay your debts you are likely to become a liability to your creditor. After phone calls and letters do not elicit payment of an outstanding account, a frustrated creditor could hand your account over to a debt collections agency. These are...

Debt Collection: Why you need an agency

Possibly the most difficult thing about running a business is the process of extracting money that is owed by customers. As in any situation where money is owed, whether a loan that is due or accounts that haven’t been paid, it’s an awkward business for any individual...